Online casino in Malaysia is growing day by day in the market. It provides various platforms where you can play numerous games like slot games, fishing games, 4DLoto etc. Malaysia is find as an actually an easy place for gambling as compared with other countries in Southeast Asia.

There are lots of international betting sites available that accepts Malaysian gamester. Gambling in Malaysia is brought by the Chinese in legal and illegal forms which is very famous in Malaysia. There are some forms of gambling which involves lotteries, horse racing and casino games are legal whereas sports betting of all types are considered to be illegal in Malaysia.


See our list of Malaysia online casinos listed on the basis of their trustworthy and how the best they get reviews for their casinos. We have enlisted the top online casinos who serve the best online gaming services to the gamblers. There they can enjoy various benefits like bonuses, free credits scores, game choices etc. in the online gambling-house.


Malaysia is mainly a Muslim country which means online gambling whether is online or offline are considered to be illegal. In Malaysia, there are three frameworks has set to dominate the online gambling Malaysia laws and the Betting Act 1953 is the biggest one. Also, contract law had made which declares that all the agreements made for gambling are nullified. This means, if the 1st player losing the bet from 2nd player, there is no legal proceedings will occur for the winner (2nd player).

Offshore Casino-Comes Under Different Country Sovereignty

Malaysia online casinos which are based in offshore of the country (Malaysia) are not affected from online gambling rules and regulations. Websites of online casinos have their own servers situated on foreign coasts accept the registrations from Malaysian players. As a result, many online casinos have opened their doors and starts accepting the payments through various channels. But the situation will not be the same if the casinos are based in Malaysia as they laws will restrict them to gamble. 


Look into some of the Malaysian online casino gambling facts that are shown below will tell you that what facts in the gambling world includes.


A huge amount of cash can be earned by playing Casino online Malaysia online slot games. Players who win cash can get the real bonus. There is no scams can occur in these offshore online casinos of Malaysia where the rules are not affected on the online casinos.


Players have to invest huge money and they have to bother the risk to play the online casino game. Well, the risk is involved in the online games as you can lose it but our site of Ab33 provides 100% cash back in case you will lose the game.


Gambling in Malaysia occurs at the offshore where the Government rules are not obeyed. Government has restricted to play online casino as Malaysia is a Muslim country where gambling is considered not good. Hence, online casinos that are based on offshore have their own servers and provided their games to the players online.


Online gaming jobs are available in Malaysia. Online casinos provides the top Responsible service of gambling in which many players has given the opportunity to get participate in the online gambling site and earn the real benefits of money.


Malaysia has huge number of online casino players and the online casino games are very popular here. Players come on the top Casino Malaysia online casino site and they register to play games. Due to best bonuses, rewards and special offers helping creating interest among players.


AB33 Casino
  • Multiple Games
  • Chatbot System
  • Exciting Bonuses
  • 24 hour support System
  • Convenient

Looking for the professional and trusted Malaysia online casino! If yes then, Ab33 is an online gambling site where lots of players come and play the gamble online. They do betting in a group and enjoy multiple games. If you are a fresher and you are learning to play the game then, you can use customer support system on which you can chat to ask any query. For the new members who want to register will get the welcome bonus.


Now, we consider over some essential things of any Best  online casino in Malaysia when we do selection of the sites for the players. We have team of professional who go through the site and analyze how the site is secured and popular among players. Are the players enjoying the game and earning the money as well with full safety or not?


Best licensing and trustworthy software is the priority when choosing any online gambling sites. It is necessary as safe practices are required without losing any personal information of the player.


Gambling sites which have online customer support and good banking system considers the first. As we know if a player is gambling then he looks for the best support of depositing and withdrawal.


It is obvious bonus attracts the players. An online casino site which provides top bonus and rewards benefits to the players is the additional advantage of the site for the players.


Online Casino comprising multiple game choices allows the players to play varied games and this will enhance the chances of winnings. As everyone has their own specialty in the game.


The reputation of online casino is calculated based on how many players signup on the website and how much have their best reviews in their casino sites.


Wagering platforms where multiple players can play the games of various types online should be enlisted. Safe and secure gambling is necessary.

In this way we review all online casinos which is not an easy process as we are always on the verge to provide the best platform where the players would not have to face any type of insecurity and they can earn real cash with ease.


You can see that we have listed top online  Live casino Malaysia slot game providers with their different that you can play at the trustworthy online casino sites. Therefore, just go through all the games and its advantages.


918Kiss is the popular online casino application where players can play slot games, card games and arcade games. It is a well-designed game consists of creative theme with responsive animations. You can download this game from trusted online casino software. For enjoying the live games, 918Kiss is the best one where you play online with thousands of players.

918Kiss is the best place for the players to start an online slot gaming in Malaysia. It has grown to be KISS918 has grown to be one of the most popular online casinos in the nation. Also, it is one of the greatest platforms for online casinos, with an exceptional layout and stylish interface that are simple for both experienced players and newcomers to use.


Live22 refers to an online casino platform where players can play the game for real money. There are rules and regulations included in it which is abide by the players.

Complete information will be provided to you so that you cannot violate the rules of the game. In case you will violate the rule continuously then, you will lose all of your game progress.

Live22 slot game online  Malaysia has more than hundred games that can choose and make the chances to win big. If you are in a sought of entertainment online casino then, you are at right place as Live22 gives you the most. You can win jackpots and sales by participating in this game and experience the fun here.


Pussy888 refers to the online casino platform where numerous games play. Here, you can play latest version games with real money cash win. More than eighty traditional online games can be play on Pussy888 having smart phones with internet connection. Games like table, Free slot games and card games are popular.

Some of the online casino games like 4DLoto, Live Jackpot, Latest Ocean King etc. are liked by the players. Those who want easy games then, slot games are available here and players can get the easy game experience.

It is in blue theme and attracts the players to come back to play for real cash. To download the game, you have to choose the trusted site and download it in Apk or IOS version.


Joker123 is another casino online games Malaysia that you can play and earn profits. You can do betting and enjoy various benefits like referral bonus, no deposit systems etc. It offers various live betting games for experiencing realistic games.

Joker123 is compatible for devices like desktop and mobile. In its main menu, there are more than 450 gaming options are available. You will get the more experiencing and the exciting experience that you can find out on the internet. You can experience the thrill at your own comfort from anywhere with 24/7 support.

This game is always available on the trusted online casino Malaysia free credit. Bonuses are received in this games as well.


Xe88 is the new online casino game where players earn jackpot when they win the game. Its interactive interface attracts the players to play online. Free credit and no deposit facility also included in it.

Xe88 is the fastest growing online gaming platform that assists you to enjoy the best slot games online. You have to choose the trusted online casino for downloading in Apk latest version. There is an instant daily bonus and rewards will wait for you after finishing the game. Hence, play smartly to get the experience and benefits.

Now, at xe88livebet you can try out best jackpots with free credits and bonus. What are you waiting for? Just join now!


If you are in search of the trusted live online casino in Malaysia then, you are at right place as we have listed the best game providers below where you can reach and play the top games safely with ease.


Dreamtech gaming is the online casino game developer having offices in Malta and labs in Asia as well as Australia. In the Asian markets, the company was founded as an investment venture as it aims to become a general game developer.

Using HTML5, the games are developed making it easy for the players to play on the mobile devices as well.

Dreamtech is the online slot games Malaysia famous among most players. This provides various benefits which include rewards, welcome bonus, playing anywhere and anytime is easy here. This is the best online gaming platform where you can easily signup and enjoy the game.   


Playtech is the world’s largest provider of online gaming software, with cutting-edge, value added solutions for the industry’s operators. This gambling software development company is founded in 1999.  Playtech casino software is popular from its wide variety of games. It regularly developing new games and modernizing the online casinos.

This company offers software for online casinos, online poker rooms, online bingo and sports betting games. Playtech games are live casino online games that are played by gamblers.

In this game some features like table attributes, VIP limits, tools, etc. are include in it. You will get 10% bonus and you can maximize it more depends on the site which offers this game.


BigGaming is the popular online gaming software provider in Asia. It is Asia’s most promising live casino brand, offering a wide range of casino online games in Malaysia such as MI baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Roulette, Speed Baccarat, Sic Bo, Multicolor Baccarat and so on.

All these games are supported on Android, PC, H5, App, SDK and IOS SDK. Big Gaming is one of the best live casino game in which you will get the bonus and rewards points.

For the new members of the game the bonus gets reach at maximum score of 300 that we provide at our Ab33, a top online casino Malaysia site.


AllBet gaming is the new Asian software developer comes recently in 2014. Initially, it has focused on live casinos and provides the accessibility to all the players in the Asian market. As part of that effort, in addition to a license come out by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR), the company has also granted licenses from the UK Gambling Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority.

Allbet live studio is situated at Makati, Phillipines and it has four distinct game halls such as Multi-play, Dragon, VIP and BidMe Hall.

Another online casino named Allbet , which is played in large numbers by the gamblers. Welcome bonus and some other types of bonus can easily be gained by playing this game online. Play anywhere and anytime on any devices like mobile or desktop with ease. 


Evolution Gaming is online casino software and it is founded by Richard Hadida, Jens von Bahr and Fredrik Osterberg in 2006. It is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. This gaming is licensed in many countries under jurisdictions such as UK, Belgium, Romania, South Africa and others.

Martin Carlesund is the CEO of the Evolution gaming. Like other casino online games, these games can also play on devices such as PC and mobiles. Evolution online casino game is the best one which is provided by the trusted site.

You will get daily reload special bonus by some trusted sites. Hence, don’t wait just signup here. VIP exclusive benefits are available just for you at our  best online casino Malaysia sites.


If you are looking for the best online betting Malaysia game providers then, you do not need to go anywhere else as we at Ab33 provides the most popular games. Here are some of the lists of game providers below who provides the top online games. So, just go through all the games listed:


BBIN is the online sports betting game provided to Malaysian players. BBIN is very popular in this Asian Market. BBIN is actively participating in the international events and charitable projects as well. It does not only participating in the iconic exhibitions but it has also sponsored as a world famous sports and entertainment matches along with teams of various fields. It set ups welfare events help in raising attention towards the charity. It provides a wide diversified viewpoint to the field through various engagements in international projects.

BBIN has spend many years in the Asian market, it gets familiar with the local cultures and all the processing market. It consists of a sportsbook software that is provided by online casinos in which you can select various events matches that is going online.  


Nova88 sportsbook provides a great choice of sports and the markets for the players to improve their betting experience. The sportsbook consists of various top-notch local as well as international sports like Soccer, Basketball, Tennis, Table Tennis and Golf. The main focus is on Soccer as with various tournaments including Euro, English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, and World Cup and so on at Nova88. Apart from this, it also hosts some specials including Virtuals, Water Polo and Esports.

Nova88 offers online banking and local banking payment methods through different currencies. The deposit limit depend on the choice of currency and the deposit option that is used by the person.


IBCBET also known as MaxBet, offers high range of sports betting market along with competitive odds and the limits as well. It refers to as one of the most famous online bookmakers in all over Asia. It operates via its agents like Ab33. There are no restrictions on winners if you are a winning plays and your account will not get closed. You should need an agent to bet on MAXBET as it helps in providing the customer support and the betting offers to the players.

MAXBET offers many sports where you can do betting. The sports are soccer, ice-hockey, basketball, handball, golf, Rugby, swimming, athletics, cycling, snooker, horse and greyhound, eSports, etc.


SABA Sports (formerly IBCBet Sportsbook) refers to a sportsbook software vendor with a long history in bookmarking and the sports betting in Asian market. The company is well known and recognized by the bettors in the regional mainstay when it comes to the sports betting software. It offers flexibility to the operators and the players to place an entertainment wager, regardless of the events and the location.

SABA Sports will amaze and thrill your core audience no matter what they prefer! It is compatible in all devices and can play on all platforms such as Android, IOS, and windows. There are different types of games like tennis, horse racing, basketball, cycle racing, etc. are provided. It also offers various currency choices and payment methods.


TBSBET is one of the best online sports betting casino site where players gamble and get fun experience. The online gambling industry respects and trusts this sports book provider. They have a licence from the Vanuatu government, and the Vanuatu Gaming Commission oversees and controls all of their operations there. Here, you can choose more than 200 casino games and sports game, can get best gaming and fun experience that is suitable for the enjoyment.

TBSBET is a registered company for online gambling and entertainment. It offers various types of sports betting games like Baccarat, Roulette, Dragon Tiger, Sports betting and much more. You can compete with other players online all over Asia.


Have a look at the best games that is played online casino by many players in all over Malaysia. We have listed number of slot game in Malaysia that offered by many top sites. You have to just visit our site and play the games that many different sites provided to the players.


Baccarat refers to a type of card game played at live casino. It is the comparing card game played between the player and the banker. There are three possible outcomes in every baccarat coup namely player, banker and tie.

Baccarat chemin de fer, baccarat banque and punto banco are three famous variants of the game. With a house edge of at least 1 percent, the odds are in favour of the bank. If you love to play Baccarat game online then, you have come at right place.

Baccarat game is the live casino where you can play the game in a group or individually. While playing this game you will enjoy very much as it offers many benefits in which include free credit with no deposit on registering at first time.


Roulette is the French word means little wheel, and it is likely to be derived from the Italian game Biribi. In this game, player can select to bet on a single number, red or black colored number, odd or even, several grouping of numbers, or if the numbers are large from 19-36 or low from 1-18.

Winning numbers can be check by spinning the wheel in one direction and the ball in opposite direction. Roulette online casino is the game where players gamble and can earn 300 credits with just depositing 100 credit score.

Daily reload bonus can get up to 800 or more. All these depend upon the type of site where you have register. You can sign up at Ab33 where you can get all the benefits.


Blackjack is previously known by Black Jack and Vingt-Un, an online casino banking game. In this games 52 cards includes in it and it obtains from the Twenty-One family of casino banking games. The European card games Vingt-et-Un and Pontoon, as well as the Russian game Ochko, are also part of this family.

To start the game, players face five to nine playing positions at a Blackjack table and they bet on the betting box at every position. Now, Blackjack comes here which is also a live casino game where you can earn the real cash and deposit it with various methods like credit/debit cards, bank transfer etc.

Daily reload special bonus can be earn up to 800 more. Don’t wait just play and earn the benefits.


Poker games, the first round of betting starts with one or more players in these modern times.  They place a forced wager of some kind (the blind or ante). In traditional poker, each player places a wager based on how much they think their hand is worth in relation to the hands of the other players.

The action then moves in a clockwise direction, with each player having to either match (or “call”) the highest prior wager or fold, forfeiting the sum bet thus far and ceasing to participate in the hand. In addition to matching a bet, a player may also increase the wager.

Poker is a slot game online in Malaysia is liked by many players. Players who loved to play the games can easily be signup on trusted sites with full safety and they play the games there. Online casino games provides the ease to play the games anywhere with your comfort. 


A fishing game is a video game in which the game is based on fishing made by the players. Generally, there is a fishing tournament occurs in it. In this you will get variety of locations and in which you have to catch the fish and fishing equipments used such as fishing rods, bait and boats.  

Fishing games consists of various online casino games like BBin, Big Gaming and Joker Fishing on our Ab33 site. Here you will enjoy welcome bonus with free credit and no deposit facility. Many players come and play these games and earn the money.

Hence, players who loves to catch the fish can play this game and do lots of fun experience by being a fisherman.


4D Loto is a 4-Digit lottery casino game that is very popular among players. This game has very fun as players has to choose the numbers ranges from 0000 to 9999. Every time the hosts will pickout twenty three numbers as winning numbers.

The hosts will announce the number and if you will get any of the number that is matched with the number announced by the host will decide that you have won.  It is considered as the fixed odds game in which the players have to select the number once.

4D Loto online casino game in Malaysia is the most loveable game chosen by players. With game, you can bet over here and enjoy the games without any difficulty if you have proper internet connection. Bonuses are provided to the players.


Malaysia online slot games are very popular among gamblers. Slot games are played on slot machines, fruit machines and the poker machines. It is a casino gaming machines on which the players has given the chance of choosing the matched symbols displayed in all slots. It has more than one currency detectors include coins, cash, voucher or token.

These slot games are the top one which includes many games provided by our website of Ab33. The slot games like Evoplay, Habanero, Mega888, Live22, 918Kiss, Pragmatic etc.  

Slot machines are primarily known as one-armed bandits as it has large mechanical levers that are affixed to the sides of the machines.


Online casino sports game consists of many games that you can play at popular sites. The games such as AB Sports, S-Sports, 3Ssing and many more include in it. Many players come over here to play the Sports games as it is enjoyable and liked by many people.

Sports games pit you against more than one component to test out your accuracy, strategy and the precision. There are most video games that imitate sports games are 3D team games such as soccer and basketball.

Combat sports like boxing and martial arts are also the popular sports games. Hence, take benefits of sports competitive drive without having to work out!



KENO is originated in China and it is a casino game online played in all over Malaysia. Here, players choose the numbers from 1 to 80. Players place their bets and 20 numbers are choose randomly either using the random number generator or through ball machine like those used for the lotteries and bingo.

Every casino establishes its own series of payouts which called paytables. The payment is done on the basis of the amount of number that the player has chosen.  

KENO is the type of lottery game that is played in the online casino. In this players choose the numbers from 1 to 80 and they bet on these numbers. This game is also played very much by the players. There are various sites who provides the top games and KENO is one of them.


SICBO is the Chinese game that is played in online casino. Literally, the Sicbo meaning is “precious dice” whereas dai siu and dai sai mean big or small. It is played by using three dices. SICBO is very similar to the Roulette game.

In this you will get the convenience to play anywhere by earning free credit score when registering on the site. The regions of a table that have been separated into numbered scoring boxes are where players make their bets.

After closing and shaking chest that contains the dice, the dealer takes it out and opens it to show the combination. The Sic Bo gameplay involves betting in a certain conditions that is fulfilled by the rolling out the dice.


ESports games refer to the video games that are played by experienced competitors that comes into some main genres. Organized tournaments has always being a part of the video gaming culture, these were basically amateur content till the late 2000s.

There is an increase in the popularity when the professional gamers started to participate in the live streaming tournaments. E-sports games titles include fighting games, shooters games, real time, Multiplayer Online Battle arena (MOBA), First Person shooter (FPS), etc.

It is totally depends on the site that which games are offered on the site. Online betting in Malaysia is liked by many players and play in huge numbers. Players play the games by signing up here and they enjoy by earning the profits like bonus and rewards there.


Here are some of the popular payment methods are listed that is offered by various online casinos in Malaysia. All the casinos that we listed provide secure money deposits and transfer for different modes. Below are some of the transaction methods listed like bank transfer, bitcoin, eazypay etc.








There are different types of bonuses can be earned through trusted online casino in Malaysia. You can get the top bonuses and rewards by playing online gambling on your device. Hence, get free credit new register online casino Malaysia Free Credit .


Welcome bonus is the most popular and lovable bonus liked by many players. As it includes the bonus get to those members who have newly registered at our site. How much bonus you will get depends upon the site where you have made your account.

Welcome bonus is the most common type of bonus that you will get from every casino but how much depends on the site. For a new players, it is also refers to as the sign up bonus as whenever they register they get the bonus with free credits.

In essence, it is the combination of the free spins and deposit bonus. Your welcome bonus must be wagered a specific number of times, just like other bonuses, before you can withdraw it.


No deposit bonus includes the type of bonus in which you will get free credit score and you do not have to pay the deposit bonus.  You can play without investing your money whenever you will register at first time. It is beneficial in those situations when you want to experience how to play the game and win.

With no deposit money feature, you can win the profits without spending any money on betting. Some of the popular no deposit bonus offers free spins and free cash. Free spins are basically for slot games. Online casinos typically utilise these free spins to advertise or test out a new product, but they also provide them for well-liked games.

You can test out free spins on a variety of slot machines, except when otherwise specified by your casino. Free cash is provided by the casino to bet on the games to earn the profits.


There is some referral bonus also exists in these online casino gambling sites. If you are referring to your friend about the online game then, you will get the referral bonus but how much it is depend again on the site. Again you can earn here by just referring someone to play. 

Referral bonus is like an award that is given to the players. The money can earn by referring a link whenever your referral link is clicked by your referral friend. It is the free money that is coming to your account. It is also a way of earning the money.

Before referring a friend you have to check the reliability of the site as some site can be spam. Hence, it is necessary to check the reviews and popularity of the site that you can see our top lists of online casinos in Malaysia.


Furthermore, you will get cash back rebates in which you have to give some amount of credit score. In this players are encourages to play the games continuously and they will get reward for their honesty. 

Well, cash back rebates is provided on losses and on total bets places by the players. Online casinos know when the players lose the game they do not feel happy and in that case, they provide comfort by returning the part of loss in the form of cash back.

Cash back on total bets is one of the exciting offer as it is not depend on the win or loss. It is the type of cash back that is received by the players based on the number of bets placed by the players with in a specific period of time.


Another one that is free spin bonus. It is also the fun and easy bonus that you can get by just spinning the wheel and earn a huge amount of cash online. Free spins are the easiest and curiosity filled process.

Free spins bonuses typically come with a certain game and let you try out a mobile or online slot machine risk-free. In the slot games, you will give the chance to spin the wheel with a specified number of times free of cost.

In this you win real prizes and you can practice it without losing your hard earned money. There are some free spin deposits are offered by the online casinos which helps in attracting the players to play the game and also they come and enjoy for fun.


Online casino provides the best gambling platforms where you can enjoy number of games like slot games, poking games, sports and so on. All the games that you are playing online can easily be play on mobile devices also.

There are many mobile slots Malaysia games such as online Fishing, Keno, SICBO, Bacccarat, Poker, 4DLoto, slot games etc.

All these games that we provided are mobile friendly as their graphics and interface is adjustable with the mobile screens. It helps you in playing the game in a comfortable manner with clear images and videos.


E-wallets  Casino are popularized among online slot Malaysia gamblers. It is the most preferred way of payment used by players. E-wallet facility is safe and you do not have to reveal your personal information in it. All sensitive data will be safe and secured with the encryption technologies. PayPal E-wallet can be used when you have a PayPal account.

It comprises all the information and it has not any monthly fee included. WebMoney E-Wallet can be used by those who are an international traveller. Skrill E-wallet system is also popular in new online casino Malaysia real money . Not only that but other e-wallets like Crypto currency, Bit coins etc are also used.


Yes, you can gamble on online sites in Malaysia. It is a myth that you cannot play online casino. Online Casinos which are based at the offshore of Malaysia does not affect any rules and regulations of Muslim country.

Malaysia is mainly a Muslim nation. This means that virtually all types of gaming, whether they take place online or off, are prohibited by Islamic law.

Asiabet33 is the top online casino in Malaysia where players come and enjoy various several slot games. Here, you will get 100% welcome bonus and exciting real jackpots.

Live Blackjack is the best game to make a lot of real money quickly. To take the proper action, you’ll need both good fortune and a sound strategy. The chances of winning in this game are already very good because you are not competing against seasoned competitors.