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Online casino 96M, established in Asia in 2021, has swiftly become a household name in the industry despite its relatively short time in operation. This rapid success can be attributed largely to their focus on being a mobile-first online casino.

If you’ve been keeping tabs on the Malaysian gambling scene, you’re likely familiar with the name 96M. This online casino has garnered quite a following in Malaysia and Singapore, two of Southeast Asia’s most populous nations. Their solid reputation is a result of consistently providing high-quality services over an extended period.

While, like any casino brand, they have their drawbacks, recommending 96M to anyone comes without hesitation. In this review, we’ll explore the key factors that position 96M as one of Malaysia’s top online casino brands. So, let’s delve in!

Introduction to 96M Online Casino

96M, an online casino based in Asia, launched in 2021. Despite their relatively brief tenure, they’ve swiftly risen to prominence within the industry. A key driver of their success in this short timeframe is their primary focus on mobile gaming.

As the majority of online casino players now opt for mobile gaming, any casino that fails to deliver an exceptional mobile experience risks losing a significant share of players. Additionally, 96M holds a reputable gaming license from Malta, a highly trusted authority in the gambling industry.

Safety and Security

One of the aspects that have made 96M be among the leading casino brands in Malaysia and the entire Southeast Asian region is their emphasis on the security and privacy of their users. First of all, it is a trustworthy website since it has already acquired licenses from the leading gambling regulators in the industry. Some of these include Gaming Curacao, BMM, and iTech Labs. These regulators are trusted by everyone in the online gambling space.

96M also invests in the privacy and security of its platform to ensure unauthorized parties do not access user data. They use 128-bit encryption to ensure all the data that is transmitted between their servers and users is not accessed by anyone in between. Even the authorities and your internet service provider won’t be privy to your 96M gaming habits. This is a significant victory for privacy-conscious individuals.

They also have a dedicated team that takes care of all their cybersecurity issues. The primary role of this team is to ensure they detect any vulnerabilities in the site and patch them before cybercriminals compromise them. The good news is that 96M has not experienced any cyber-attacks for the time they have been in business. So, we should give credit to their cybersecurity team for doing a great job.

Bonuses and Promotions

When discussing 96M, it’s impossible to overlook the generous bonuses they extend to their user base. This online casino boasts a variety of bonuses, available to registered users who fulfill the associated terms and conditions. Among these enticing offers, 96M provides a welcome bonus to new players, along with additional rewards such as the daily reload bonus and referral incentives, just to name a few.

It’s worth noting that eligibility for these bonuses requires an active account with 96M. Winnings are seamlessly deposited into users’ 96M wallets, granting them the flexibility to place bets on their preferred games. To ensure a smooth bonus redemption process, it’s essential to provide accurate personal information during the registration process.

For those aiming for even more substantial rewards, 96M offers a VIP membership program, featuring substantially enhanced bonuses compared to standard membership benefits. VIP members enjoy amplified perks, including augmented referral bonuses and cash rebates. Moreover, VIP members are treated to a special birthday gift, in addition to the birthday bonus accessible to regular members of the platform.

The VIP membership encompasses four distinct tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. Members in the Diamond category enjoy the most extensive array of benefits. It’s worth noting, though, that the eligibility criteria for attaining Diamond status are more stringent compared to those for VIP members in the other categories.

Available Games in 96M

Another pivotal factor contributing to 96M’s popularity as an online casino in this region is the diverse array of games they offer. 96M’s online casino boasts an extensive selection that spans all the popular categories found in the online casino gaming world. Regardless of your chosen category, you can rest assured of a top-tier gaming experience, thanks to 96M’s collaboration with some of the industry’s leading casino software providers. Among the well-loved categories available on this online casino are:

  • Sports Betting: For enthusiasts of sports wagering, 96M delivers an array of online sports betting opportunities across various leagues and global tournaments. Whether you’re inclined to bet on football matches in your favorite European leagues or the American NBA, 96M has you covered. They also feature eSports and Virtual sports for added variety.
  • In the live casino section, 96M offers a diverse selection of live casino games hosted by live dealers, providing players with the opportunity to engage in real-time gameplay. Among the popular live casino games available in Malaysia on this platform are Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Roulette, Blackjack, and Baccarat.
  • Slots: Online slot games in Malaysia reign supreme on this platform due to their straightforward rules and the exhilaration they offer during gameplay. Leading game developers in the industry have crafted a selection of their finest slot titles for this site. Additionally, users have the option to experience demo versions of these games before making any deposits into their accounts.

Fishing Games: This particular category of online casino games is somewhat uncommon, making it a rare find across various casinos. However, 96M stands out by offering some of the finest fishing games available on any online casino platform in Malaysia. Among the notable fishing games that enthusiasts can dive into are titles like Fishing God, Fishing War, Maga Fishing, Boom Legend, and many others.

As previously mentioned, 96M’s partnership with leading online casino software providers is the cornerstone of their exceptional game offerings. Their list of reputable game providers includes prominent names such as Gaming, NextSpin, Mega888, NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Asia Gaming, Big Gaming, VM Gaming, Gameplay, Playtech, and many more.

Payment Methods

96M has established partnerships with some of the most dependable e-wallet platforms in the region. Notable among these are EeziePay, Help2Pay, and FPX, renowned for their swift transaction processing, particularly during the withdrawal of funds from a 96M wallet.

In addition to these e-wallets, 96M offers support for cryptocurrency payments in Malaysia, enabling transactions with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. Deposits and withdrawals can be executed through these coins’ blockchain platforms. The primary advantages of opting for cryptocurrency over conventional payment methods include minimal transaction fees and rapid processing times. Cryptocurrency also facilitates betting for individuals located outside Malaysia on this online casino platform.

Customer Support

96M boasts one of the most exceptional customer support teams among online casinos in Malaysia. Their dedicated support staff is available 24/7 to address any issues users may encounter while enjoying games or utilizing any of 96M’s services. Beyond their rapid response times, users also have the convenience of reaching out through either WhatsApp or the integrated live chat application.

In Conclusion When considering all the factors, 96M undoubtedly earns its place among the top online casinos in Malaysia. Their impressive game selection, dependable customer support, and swift, versatile payment methods make recommending this online casino an effortless decision. What’s more, their generous bonuses elevate the overall gambling experience on the platform.

96M casino presents an exceptional gaming opportunity for those seeking a truly remarkable gaming experience.

Yes, 96M is a reputable and dependable online casino, holding licenses from prominent online gambling authorities such as PAGCOR, BMM, and iTech Labs. These regulatory bodies ensure the fairness of all games and services offered by 96M.

96M stands out by prioritizing user experience. This emphasis is evident in their responsive support, extensive game variety, generous bonuses, and commitment to privacy.

96M now accepts cryptocurrency deposits, providing an option for non-Malaysians without access to supported e-wallets. Exchange services like Coinbase and Binance enable cryptocurrency deposits into your 96M wallet.

For newcomers to online casino gaming, starting with simpler games before delving into more complex ones is advisable. Slots and Fishing games are ideal choices for individuals embarking on their online casino journey.

No, rest assured that 96M is a trustworthy online casino. It operates with integrity, offering a secure and regulated gambling environment for players to enjoy.

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